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και ως εκ τούτου δεν υπάρχουν "καλά" κράτη αστικής "δημοκρατίας" σε συνθήκες καπιταλισμού

Style and design a Logo for enterprise thought 4 dias left .... All of this firm's goods are constructed round a starting point of knowing where you are on that curve (almost ordinary statistically) utilizing common deviation (sigma or greek image σ) .

You are able to’t republish our product wholesale, or automatically; you'll want to pick out tales to be republished individually.

λόγο τον οποίο θα μπορούσε να εκφέρει πχ ο αναστασιάδης ή ο χριστοφιας ως προς αυτό που ονομάζεται λύση αυτού που ονομάζεται κυπριακό

It’s a mentioned part of our longstanding mission: “to supply Management and prison justice services to federal, point out, municipal, and Global organizations and companions…

I are already transferring among Cyprus and Greece for a long time. I not long ago bought a note from comrades in Greece that predicament Together with the so termed Cyprus indymedia is perfectly finding out of hand. “Personalized” information and facts have begun pouring out from this hole that calls alone indymedia. This team has extended been posing as effective at having open up processes.

Θα προσπαθήσω,όσο πιο καλά μπορώ να εξηγησω τι εννοούσα στην παρέμβασή μου..

Plainly some Opinions are increasingly being posted listed here which have been far too very long, and the automated system is rejecting them, though leaving a trace while in the admin equipment.

Frequently, you will discover posts in Cyprus IMC that target folks of your motion in cyprus. The administrators of Cyprus IMC web site seek advice from those with their names,surnames, even nicknames, with shots of them, accompanied with slanderous scores .

μάλλον υπάρχει η τάση ταπελοποιησης και ο καθένας να έχει το δικό του τσιφλικάκι

Εκτιμώ αφάνταστα την παρουσία σου μέσα στους κόλπους της εναλλακτικής κοινότητας και τις ατέλειωτες ώρες ανιδιοτελούς εργασίας που έχεις παρέχει σε πολλά και ποικίλα επίπεδα. Ήταν μεγάλη μου χαρά η συνεργασία μαζί σου εδώ:

Also the posting goes into a extended analysis of how the pathetic, fanatical and authoritarian actions by some sections of the Left essentially endorse fascism as opposed to diminishing the Hazard. These include actual faults from honest Leftists, but on the main, consist of mindful, manipulative and intentional steps by authoritarian and stalinist more info sections on the faux "left" intended at fostering divisiveness and hatred within the Local community (instead of purchasing well known unity), and aimed toward cultivating a synthetic circumstance wherein the Law enforcement are increasingly being known as on by "radicals" to violate absolutely free speech plus the Constitution, additional empowering the State to erode the number of freedoms We have now left.

They're expressed really clearly as a result of our actions! A list of several of our routines (in the following segment below) speaks volumes about what our authentic values and ideas are.

The newest and most rapid danger that Cyprus faces now would be that the world-wide Imperialist powers, combined with the invading electric power (Turkey) and While using the blessings in the bogus "still left" ruling class of Cyprus, have made a decision to declare the profession and ethnic cleansing as "legal", and produce a "closing solution" on the Cyprus conflict in the form of an Apartheid Condition.

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